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RMI Engineering Ltd are the Licenced UK agent for Cytecma Cranes.

Cytecma manufacture a wide range of cranes for the industrial and marine sectors.

Marine cranes

The Cytecma Marine Hydraulic Cranes are new generation, researched, designed and built for marine works within tough, humid, corrosive and saline environments.

All of our manufacturing is undertaken at our factory to ensure we have the very best build quality and consistency in our products.
We have an in-house Technical Department where we develop cranes for the demands of the market and we ensure compliance, traceability and quality throughout.
With a wealth of in-house expertise we always deliver the best technical support.

We have a wide range of products in use within ports, on offshore platforms, and on many vessels around the world.

Land cranes

Cytecma work within sectors such as construction, transport, forestry, rail, material reclamation, amongst others.
We manufacture different styles of land-based hydraulic cranes for trucks, off-road vehicles, rail plant, construction & MOD vehicles.

Our Hydraulic Cranes can carry outriggers with manual or automatic hydraulic extensions. Most of our costumers install a winch on the crane or other accessories to make operations with greater agility and increase effectiveness. We only use the very best of control systems with safety and operator protection designed into every aspect of our cranes.

Special Hydraulic arms

We create special projects according the requirements of our customers and always in our facilities. Our Engineering Department studies your needs to create a crane that adapts exactly to your work.
We highlight our most successful projects such as the manufacture of robotic arms for intelligent warehouses, automated logistics centres, special projects for the military, & autonomous cranes.
We have manufactured cranes for rail locomotives with specific movements and limits for their use within tunnels.

Design capability

Due to the cranes being designed and manufactured entirely by Cytecma, we are able to offer a bespoke crane for your particular requirement.

We can cater for special applications where you cannot find an existing solution already available on the market.

We have previously designed and build cranes and telescopic arms for the Armed Forces and other unique customers.

Parts availability

As we are the sole manufacturers we are able to respond quickly with new parts. We understand your cranes are an essential to operations.

RMI Engineering are the UK sales and stockists of all Cytecma parts.

Parts availability

For UK cranes sales, maintenance, parts or technical support please call – 01473 657511

Cytecma Crane Catalogue

Download and explore the 126-page Cytecma crane catalogue. If you require a higher resolution version please contact us.

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