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Rail Engineering Services

RMI has historically supported the rail sector utilising its superb mechanical engineering, design, tooling and bespoke manufacturing skills. The equipment our clients require us to manage, ranges from signalling & telegraph devices, points, rails and other mechanical and steel works as well as material and component sourcing.

Our goal is to provide engineering and support services in situations where other suppliers have failed to provide or achieve the objectives with the tight time constraints associated with the rail industry.
RMI re-engineer failed or life-expired components and accessories which can no longer simply be procured from stores.
RMI certified welders manufacture access-stairs, platforms, hand-rails, tooling and other fabricated steel components.
RMI fleet of mobile of workshop vehicles are fully equipped to carry out welding, burning, cutting & drilling operations on any location assisting network engineers planned and emergency unplanned maintenance tasks.
RMI offer a range of NDT services, including Magnetic Particle Inspection; Dye Penetrant Inspection; Ultrasonic Contact Inspection; Ultrasonic Immersion Inspection; Eddy Current Inspection.
For emergency repairs, our fully equipped mobile workshop can support a team of engineers at short notice in places with difficult or hazardous access. Where planned maintenance is scheduled, our fully qualified team is able to assist our clients including regular repair engineers in order to minimise or even eliminate further costly delays to the running schedule.
Where replacement components are required but are no longer stocked, our engineers are able to remanufacture mechanical parts, even when drawings are unavailable, obsolete or if the component lead-time is unsuitable.
RMI is a Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) verified supplier.
“RMI combine traditional expertise with modern methods and standards, to re-engineer parts and components in order maintain usability and minimise rail network downtime”

Commitment to Quality

RMI foster a culture of continuous business improvement, through a rigorous ongoing training programme for all technical our staff. In addition, RMI and it’s staff hold all relevant certification required by our customers, such as certificates of excellence for working at sea; at height and within confined spaces; “Worksafe Contractor”; various welding certificates and management systems.

In addition, we can include our customers staff technical certificates as part of our cloud-hosted equipment database system. This is a secure system we have developed in order to manage statutory inspection scheduling and certification. Accessible by browser, our clients management and operations teams can access detailed information on their equipment’s inspection status as well as store all relevant documentation.

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