marine engineering


RMI offers bespoke fabrication & engineering services, for the manufacture of marine structures and equipment.

Marine Engineering Services

The marine engineering division of RMI offers engineering services and logistics support and LOLER inspections to commercial work-boat operators, port & marina facilities. Primarily RMI provides planned and emergency maintenance, and engineering services.

With the use of our integrated management system we are enabling customers to manage and schedule their statutory requirements according to their specific needs.
Planned maintenance usually begins with an inspection schedule followed by a highly detailed documentation procedure to ensure that all pertinent items are included. Following a breakdown, our engineers can assess, advise and execute remedial work as necessary, with the core aim of minimising downtime, reducing costs and mitigating further risks.
RMI offers bespoke fabrication and engineering services, for the manufacture of marine structures and equipment. Modifications and repairs are usually carried out locally, with larger structures designed and built off-site prior to delivery and installation.
RMI offer a range of NDT services, including Magnetic Particle Inspection; Dye Penetrant Inspection; Ultrasonic Contact Inspection; Ultrasonic Immersion Inspection; Eddy Current Inspection.
RMI offer the supply, installation, service & maintenance of hydraulic and mechanical deck equipment and accessories. Inclusive of ongoing LOLER inspections, lifting equipment & accessories management.
RMI offer emergency and planned maintenance of mechanical and hydraulic equipment. In addition, we offer mobile welding and fabrication services for repairs modifications and alterations.
RMI offer a real-time cloud-based portal for the management of any asset, tailored to the clients needs. Our system is accessible to the operator, own and inspector through it’s app-based interface.
Where new equipment is to be retro-fitted to a workboat or existing machinery requires modification, RMI is suitably placed within the market to achieve both these goals.
The key to RMI’s success is ensuring that any engineering changes are implemented after considering all relevant workboat systems. This could include inspecting and modifying a boats electrical, hydraulic, structural or buoyancy systems; ensuring that changes to equipment are made safely and in a cost effective and timely manner.
Where required, RMI can design and manufacture bespoke fabrications that meet strict design and safety standards, particularly where tailor made solutions are specified by the client. This can range from simple welding fabrication to more complex mechanical part design.
RMI’s unique blend of expertise and services support marine customers vessels and on-deck equipment throughout Europe and beyond…

Commitment to Quality

RMI foster a culture of continuous business improvement, through a rigorous ongoing training programme for all technical our staff. In addition, RMI and it’s staff hold all relevant certification required by our customers, such as certificates of excellence for working at sea; at height and within confined spaces; “Worksafe Contractor”; various welding certificates and management system compliance.

In addition, we can include our customers staff technical certificates as part of our cloud-hosted equipment database system. This is a secure system we have developed in order to manage statutory inspection scheduling and certification. Accessible by browser, our clients management and operations teams can access detailed information on their equipment’s inspection status as well as store all relevant documentation.

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