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Industrial Engineering Services

The industrial engineering division of RMI works across many sectors not specifically covered by the Rail and Marine engineering teams. They can be found managing highly specialist equipment, plant and vehicles in sectors as diverse as recycling, materials handling, power generation, defence, highway vehicles, quarrying and demolition equipment.

Often, the contractual obligations of our clients mean that downtime is expensive and is to be minimised or avoided as a primary concern. Our specialist engineering teams can help our clients meet these obligations by supporting in-house teams with auxiliary equipment and personnel during planned maintenance cycles.
RMI offer a wide range of machining services, including milling, turning and boring, in one-offs and small-batch production runs.
RMI offer a range of NDT services, including Magnetic Particle Inspection; Dye Penetrant Inspection; Ultrasonic Contact Inspection; Ultrasonic Immersion Inspection; Eddy Current Inspection.
Our certified mobile welders manufacture access-stairs, platforms, hand-rails, tooling and other fabricated steel components. Certified to BSEN:1090.
RMI offer a real-time cloud-based portal for the management of any asset, tailored to the clients needs. Our system is accessible to the operator, own and inspector through it’s app-based interface.
Equally, where the unforeseen has become reality, our emergency teams are able to respond quickly and appropriately as required, utilising both on-site & mobile workshop facilities stocked with the latest tooling & equipment.
The high standards of planning, documentation, engineering & fabrication apply across the board. We continue to demonstrate the knowledge and ability to fabricate replacement components where standard issue supplies are not available; we can also design and manufacture bespoke equipment that meets our client’s exact requirements.

“The range of engineering and inspection services assist our industrial clients maintain relevant regulatory compliance as well as augment their own engineering capabilities…”

Commitment to Quality

RMI foster a culture of continuous business improvement, through a rigorous ongoing training programme for all technical our staff. In addition, RMI and it’s staff hold all relevant certification required by our customers, such as certificates of excellence for working at sea; at height and within confined spaces; “Worksafe Contractor”; various welding certificates and management systems.

In addition, we can include our customers staff technical certificates as part of our cloud-hosted equipment database system. This is a secure system we have developed in order to manage statutory inspection scheduling and certification. Accessible by browser, our clients management and operations teams can access detailed information on their equipment’s inspection status as well as store all relevant documentation.

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